Welcome to Asian Suck Dolls! Home of almond eyes, dark nipples, and open mouths. I think most of the men who travel to Asia look at these little fucking machines and ponder if they could fit inside their carry on suitcases. Any of you sick fuckers ever tried doing this? Pssst, did it work? Haha, ok all jokes aside yes we've all heard that Asian girls give the best blowjobs and I'm here to let you see it first hand. My POV style of video gives you an up close first hand experience of what it's like to get sucked off by these Asian whores. I find these sluts everywhere, take them to the nearest shorty short room and get my five dollars worth of oral pleasure before dumping a week's worth of seminal aggression into their awaiting faces and mouths. Some take it, most swallow it.

HELP, I need medical attention! I need a doctor to help remove the smile off my fucking face. It all happened last week when I met 18 year old Kung. She was wearing this nurse's outfit with white stocking and red high heels. Damnit, I'm smiling already. So then 18 year old Kung exposes her totally amazing perky tits and I am all smiles. Finally she peels off the rest of her outfit and slowly kisses my stomach on her way down to my cock. She starts sucking my schlong and my grin is from ear to ear. Then, 18 year old Kung lies back and shows me her bald pussy. While smiling, I instantly plunge my cock into her smooth teen cunt. Finally after exploring her vaginal walls with my smileometer, I pull out and shoot my cum all over Kung's 18 year old face.......and as each load splashes upon her open mouth, she's smiling!


This is 22 year old Pun and she's a showgirl at a GoGo in Pattaya. She likes cash, candy, and cock, and will be on yours like sticky on rice. I must admit that she's got the right attitude for the job. She has a beautiful Badonkadonk (which is a voluptuous ass for the people not up on their current slang) and once it's bent over it begs to be fucked. Pun went straight for my dick and shoved it into her mouth for the start of a nice long blowjob. She then stood up and began undressing which revealed her nice big ass. I bent her over and stuck my hard pecker between her cheeks and slipped inside her hot pussy. Pun didn't care where I wanted to shoot my cum, so I decided to blast it all over her face and into her waiting mouth. Now she has a sweet tooth for my sperm syrup!


My darling Kip is back again for another facial. I just can't pass up a chance to bounce her buns against my groin and flower her face with my salty sperm. She has a quiet and simple personality that it's a pleasure to take photos of her. Her body is so hot that I will start getting wood as I peer through my view finder. And that face! .... Oh My Buddha, I would marry that pretty face with those eyes ......(time out for drooling) So back to my trouser tent and the ache in my balls. The photos were now finished and it was time to get sucked on by the prettiest teen mouth in Asia. My testes are raging with jizz as she tickles them with her tongue. So I motion her over to the sofa and she sticks out her most perfect ass. Her arch is precise and the shape of her bum is flawless. It should be in a museum. I can't believe I'm fucking this girl again! Then she turns around and I splatter that stunning face with my creamy load.


There must be a pornographic film school somewhere in Thailand. I'm starting to come across more and more girls who seem to have a natural pornstar talent that would make any professional adult actress envious. I mean seriously, these Thai nymphs must be watching skin flicks and learning the craft of sucking and fucking while a mechanical lens captures every detail. 22 year old Bea definitely is a video vixen. She is the type of girl I love to shoot because my only job is to hold the camera steady while she gives me the ultimate sexual performance. She fucked my brains out, then knelt in front of me and waited for me to blast all my cum into her mouth. She then looked directly into the camera, dribbled my oral creampie out over her pornstar lips and down her chin....and that's a wrap!


20 year old Nue is a Bangkok Nyum-Nyum girl. These girls are usually hired by big companies to host their products at conventions, festivals, or Thai events. They often wear cute or sexy outfits, themed with their company's colors and logo. Nue happened to be working for a popular beverage company, passing out little magnetic stickers. As soon as she smiled, I knew right then I had to shoot my load upon her bright orthodontics. I quickly asked if she did any private modeling and she said yes. A few hours later she was in my room sucking on my cock, getting fucked doggie and I finally got my wish and blasted load after load of milky white cum across her beautiful braces. It hits her teeth and oozes down between her metal and into her open mouth. Yum-Yum, my Nyum-Nyum girl!


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