Cincinnati dating expert crazy games basketball

Cincinnati dating expert crazy games basketball

The Bilastrator loves football, as a casual fan. It doesn't matter whether it is college football or the NFL. There is only one thing better than a good football game, however, and that is any kind of basketball game.

Listen, I know you love to pore over the stats and try to find the keys to unlock the best bracket possible. It's a fun annual exercise. So what I've got here Cincinnati dating expert crazy games basketball a cornucopia of facts, stats and nuggets to help bring some perspective both to this year's field and historical performance of teams and seeds in the NCAA Tournament.

What I cannot recommend is that you use these numbers explicitly to build your bracket. You'll go crazy and contradict yourself in the process. But still, these figures are interesting to keep in mind as your make your way to a national title pick. Doing this kind of stuff brings me a lot of joy. I hope it gets you even more excited for the start of this tournament. Their computer simulation correctly predicted nine out of 12 double-digit seed upsets in the first round the past two years.

If you want a chance to win the whole thing, best to increase your odds by entering the NCAAs with a top 40 per-possession defense and a guard reasonably expected to be drafted. Nine teams fit that criteria. Only two have two guards who apply:. The Ducks aren't in the field this year but the three other teams from that inaugural Final Four are: Ohio State was runner-up; Villanova and Oklahoma were semifinalists.

The Cincinnati dating expert crazy games basketball Musketeers and Virginia Cavaliers are the highest seeded teams in the field without a national title. Villanova's odds, as a No. See all teams' title odds here. Cincinnati dating masterful keen on readies basketball.

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    As LeBron James , Stephen Curry and other stars create a new NBA before our eyes -- while standing on the shoulders of giants -- we are presenting the NBA players who have done the most to change the way we play the game, how we talk about the game, and the culture of basketball.


    We've had arrests, buzzer-beaters, three-on-five games, international incidents, wardrobe malfunctions, one-and-done prodigies, rising stars, falling stars, unimaginable blown leads and great basketball.